How to Choose the Right Hair Products for Your Hair Texture

How to Choose the Right Hair Products for Your Hair Texture

Do you ever stand in the shampoo aisle feeling totally clueless about what products to buy? You are not alone. With row after row of shampoos, conditioners, oils, gels - you name it - picking the right ones for your hair can be downright confusing.

In this post, we will provide you with a practical step-by-step guide to determining the right hair products that are perfect for your hair.

Whether you have curls, coils, waves, or straight strands, using products tailored to your texture is a total game changer. We’ll walk you through how to analyze your hair type, what ingredients to look for, and why Blaq’ Luxury’s hair products can be your valuable ally. 

Get ready to say goodbye to bad hair days!

Now, if you are in a hurry here are some useful tips for you to find the right hair products according to your hair texture:

  1. Determine your hair type.
  2. Know your hair texture.
  3. Identify your hair issues.
  4. Build your hair product lineup.
  5. Stick with your routine.

 Determine your hair type

How many times have you found yourself unsure which hair products to use because you don't know your exact hair texture? 

Determining your unique hair texture is a critical first step in finding the right hair care regimen. When it comes to texture, hair types generally fall into four main categories: coily, curly, wavy, and straight.

Coily hair forms tight zigzag and spring-like curls, with amazing elasticity that allows it to bounce back when stretched.

Curly hair has a spectrum of textures from loose waves to tight ringlets that tend to grow out more than down. 

Wavy hair falls somewhere between straight and curly with gentle S-shaped strands. 

Straight hair lies flat and smooth against the scalp with minimal frizz.

Once you identify your hair's texture, you can better select products and routines suited for it.

Take our hair quiz today to learn more about your hair type and how to take good care of it.

Know your hair texture

Hair texture depends on the thickness of each strand, which falls into the categories of fine, medium, and thick.


This hair texture has a diameter of less than 0.06mm and requires lightweight products to avoid weighing it down. It is sensitive to extreme temperatures.


Next to fine hair is the medium texture. The thickness is 0.07mm and has a mix of fine and thick strands, so it's not too fussy about hair products. 


Individuals with coarse, thick hair over 0.08mm need intensive moisture from nourishing shampoos and conditioners. Thick hair types would benefit from hydrating and nourishing hair products.

Identify your hair issues

Because your hair is of a unique texture and is exposed to different types of elements, chances are it will have some issues. If left untreated, these issues could damage your hair in the long run.

For your oily hair

If you've ever run your brush through your hair only to have it come away slick and shiny, you're familiar with the trials of oily hair. This common hair type stems from the overproduction of sebum. The latter is a natural oil our scalps make to keep strands hydrated. 

For those endowed with oily hair, the sebaceous glands go into overdrive, producing excessive amounts of sebum.

For your dry and frizzy hair

If your hair resembles a puffy cloud swirling around your head, you're likely familiar with dry, frizzy hair. This parched hair type lacks moisture in the outer protective layer, allowing humidity to sneak in and cause strands to go haywire. 

Frizzy hair's unruly nature stems from the hair cuticle lifting, creating a rough, porous surface that grabs onto any available moisture. 

For your thin or damaged hair

If your once thick, flowing locks look limp and lackluster, you may be dealing with thin, damaged hair. Hair is vulnerable to so many environmental stressors from sun exposure to pollution that can wear down strands over time. 

Repeated heat styling and over-processing with chemicals also destroy hair's structural integrity leading to damage.

Build your hair product lineup.

Now that you know your hair texture and hair issues, your next course of action is to develop a line of hair products that is consistent with your hair goals.

If your hair is oily…

If greasy roots have you feeling more slick than chic, don't despair. With the right targeted hair care, you can get your oily locks under control. 

Start by swapping your regular shampoo for one specifically made for oily scalps. Look for a shampoo that has natural ingredients that will not only strengthen your hair but would take care of those extra oil build-up.

Citrus extracts like lemon and orange naturally cut through oil without stripping your hair completely dry. Switching to an all-natural shampoo with astringent ingredients can work wonders to remove excess oil at the source.

You should also try lightweight conditioners that do not add extra oiliness. Here, your concern is to look for a brand that says “light” and “volumizing” instead of heavy, oil-based conditioners.

If your hair is dry and frizzy…

For this hair issue, you should choose hair care products that aim to hydrate and nourish your parched hair. Products infused with all organic ingredients such as biotin, coconut oil, and citrus fruit extracts to replenish moisture and restore vitality.

To make your search easier, we recommend Blaq Luxury’s Papaya Paradise Strong Hold Edge Glaze.

Say goodbye to the days of flaky, brittle hair that comes with traditional edge control products. This organic edge glaze is designed to provide superior hold without compromising the health of your hair. 

Biotin strengthens each strand and boosts growth for the healthiest edges possible. Unlike waxes that can tear and stress hair, the lightweight formula offers frizz-fighting hold without crunchiness, flakes, or buildup. Its nourishing ingredients work in harmony with your hair's natural texture, helping to smooth out frizz and flyaways while providing a flake-free hold that lasts all day.

If your hair is thin or damaged…

If your once luscious healthy hair looks are now limp and lackluster, there is still hope. With the right hair care regimen, you can nurse thin, damaged hair back to health. 

Start by using a hydrating hair mask weekly to inject strands with moisture. Look for strengthening ingredients like keratin, biotin, and collagen to repair damage and fortify hair.

Blaq Luxury’s Sage & Lychee Repair and Strengthen Hair Masque is your ideal companion in combatting thin or damaged hair.

This nourishing treatment masque provides intense hydration and repair for damaged, overworked hair. Natural ingredients like sage, lychee fruit extract, and nettle infuse strands with essential vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids. Biotin strengthens hair follicles and stimulates growth for improved thickness. 

Unlike masks that just coat hair, this formula deeply conditions to transform the overall health of each strand.

Stick with your routine.

Once you've put in the work to identify your hair type and find a tailored product regimen that works, it's important to stick with your ideal hair care routine. Consistency is key when caring for your hair. 

Many people make the mistake of trying out new products on a whim because of tempting marketing or recommendations from friends with different hair. But continuously switching up your shampoos, conditioners, and styling products can do more harm than good.

Hair thrives on a steady regime. For example, if you’ve found a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that keeps your dry hair hydrated and frizz-free, don’t abandon it to try the newest popular deep conditioning mask. 

This can disrupt the balance you’ve created. Likewise, if you have a leave-in conditioner that helps define your curls, don't ditch it because a stylist recommended something new. Sticking with what you know works is crucial.


We hope this hair product shopping guide helps take some of the guesswork out of choosing products for your unique texture. Finding the right shampoos, conditioners, gels, and accessories makes all the difference in hair health and style. 

And by choosing Blaq Luxury’s premium hair products you are giving yourself a worthy investment. You deserve hair care that helps your gorgeous locks thrive!

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