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Your Ultimate Guide to Black Women's Textured Hair Care

Ladies, if you've ever wondered, "What type of hair do I have?" and “What care routine should I give my hair?” you're in the right place. I personally made this post to help you identify your hair type because it is important to determine the best care routine for your locks. 

I will also provide you with some useful tips on how you should care for the specific hair type you have. So what are you waiting for, continue reading and discover your ultimate guide to black women’s hair care.


Some Basics for You, First…

Now we must all agree that genetics influence our unique curl pattern. We have experts who claim that genes influence the type of hair we will have, the moment we are born. So whatever hair type you have, embrace it and love it because it is beautiful and perfectly fits you.

So, how do you figure out your hair type? My advice for you is to get your hair wet and observe its natural shape. This is the quickest yet effective way.

When wet, your hair reveals its true character, showcasing its curls and thickness. From there, you can use visual cues and key characteristics to pinpoint your hair type. 

Your curl pattern primarily determines your hair type. This pattern varies greatly, and there are different types, ranging from straight hair to the curliest of curls.

What I have observed is the more oval or asymmetrical your hair follicle is, the curlier your hair will be. And as mentioned earlier, your genetics play a significant role in determining your hair type.

If you want to know the type of hair you have now, why don’t you head out to our easy hair quiz?


 Now, it's essential to highlight the importance of not altering your natural curl pattern with heat or chemicals. Such practices can lead to hair damage and, in some cases, hair loss. While there's limited scientific evidence suggesting that hormones and medication may alter your curl pattern, it's not recommended due to potential risks.


Exploring the Four Main Hair Types for Black Women

Even though people come from different backgrounds, we can still group our hair into four distinct types (which I find so amazing!!!) These hair types are based on texture and they are the coily, curly, wavy, and straightened ones.

1. Coily Hair: The Spring-like Curls
    woman applying hair care

    This hair type is often called kinky or afro. If this is your hair, you’re blessed with a unique and striking appearance. 

    Coily hair forms tightly wound coils or intricate zigzag patterns, creating a mesmerizing texture. What I love about this hair is its remarkable density and tendency to shrink in length when stretched. In fact, it can spring back three times as short when pulled. God, I love that elasticity!

    Coily hair is a testament to the diversity and beauty of black women's natural hair textures.

    Within the coily hair category, there are further distinctions in curl patterns, with Type 4A, 4B, and 4C variations.

    Type 4A

    Type 4A curls exhibit a tight and springy nature, resembling the coiled beauty of Type 3C hair. However, the circumference of Type 4A curls is approximately as small as a knitting needle. I find this unique texture both distinctive and captivating.

    Type 4B

    If your hair forms tight zigzag patterns, you likely have Type 4B curls. Love your hair because you have charming coils and an intricate appearance that adds depth and character to your overall look.

    Type 4C

    Among the coily hair types, Type 4C has the tightest and most delicate curl pattern. These curls are small and tightly wound, contributing to a stunning and intricately textured hairstyle that showcases the natural beauty of your hair.


    My tips for you:

    • Locking in moisture and hair breakage can pose quite a challenge. 
    • Make sure to regularly deep condition your hair regularly, seal it with natural oils, and avoid harsh chemicals.
    • Treat your hair with premium hair care products that have natural and sustainable ingredients.


    2. Curly Hair: The Ringlets of All

    woman with curly hairYour curly hair possesses a captivating and diverse range of textures. This hair type forms distinct and beautifully defined curls or charming ringlets. It offers a delightful spectrum of curl patterns, from loose and flowing curls to intricate corkscrew spirals.

    Curly hair is a unique expression of natural beauty and is known for its voluminous, lively appearance.

    A distinctive mark of curly hair is its tendency to grow out before it grows down, which may result in curly hair types taking a bit longer to achieve long lengths. This upward growth pattern contributes to the overall volume that curly hair possesses, making it distinct from straight or wavy hair types.

    The beauty of curly hair lies in its diversity, allowing you to embrace and celebrate your unique curl pattern.


    Various types of hair curls exist. Check them out below:

    Type 3A

    This type features curls on the wider side, providing a beautiful and loose curl pattern. Brushing through Type 3A hair can diminish the curl pattern and result in frizz, so it's best to handle it when wet to preserve those lovely curls.

    Type 3B: If your curls are approximately as wide as a magic marker, you fall into the Type 3B category. These curls have a significant bounce and volume, giving your hair a vibrant and lively appearance.

    Type 3C: Type 3C curls are known for their tightly wound nature, with a smaller circumference, roughly equivalent to the width of a straw. These "corkscrew curls" are tight and springy, adding depth and character to your hair's overall texture.


    My tips for you:

    • You should shampoo less for this hair type.
    • Provide a thorough wash of your hair during wash days.
    • Give your hair proper hydration and nourishment using organic-based hair solutions.

    3. Wavy Hair: The S-shaped Strands

    woman with wavy s-shaped strands

    If this is your hair type, then you have fun and versatile hair that exudes a natural and delightful movement that sets it apart.

    Wavy hair falls somewhere in between the straight and curly spectrum, offering a balance of shape without the heaviness of tight curls. People endowed with wavy hair are gently curling into an "S" or "C" shape.

    Wavy hair is very noticeable thanks to its playful and dynamic appearance. Girls with wavy hair have the unique ability to create beautiful waves, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to their overall look. It's not entirely straight, but it doesn't form the tightly wound coils that curly or coily hair does.

    It's important to note that if you've observed some frizz in your wavy hair, it's entirely normal for this hair type. Embracing the natural texture of your wavy hair is the key to maintaining its beauty and vitality.

    My tips for you:

    • Avoid overwashing your beautiful wavy hair.
    • Use lightweight hair products that won’t weigh down your hair.

    4. Straightened Hair: The Sleek and Chic

    woman with straightened hair

    Your straight hair comes with a sleek and smooth appearance. It lies flat against the scalp and typically lacks any noticeable curl or wave. Whether your straight hair is fine or coarse, it shares a few defining features that set it apart from other hair types.

    One remarkable aspect of straight hair, particularly for black women, is its minimal frizz. Straight hair usually experiences little to no frizz, which can be a relief for those who have struggled with managing frizz in other hair types.

    One key attribute of straight hair is its lack of movement or bounce when compared to its wavy or curly counterparts (This could be good news or bad news, right?). 

    When you attempt to style straight hair with a curling iron or use hot or Velcro rollers, it can be quite challenging to maintain any kind of shape. Straight hair tends to resist the formation of curls and is more likely to revert to its naturally flat state.

    It's important to note that straight hair has its own unique charm. Despite its flat appearance, it possesses a subtle but beautiful dimension, making it the most reflective and shiny of all hair types.


    My tips for you:

    • Heat and chemical damage is what you want to watch out for. 
    • Pamper your locks regularly with deep conditioning hair treatments to maintain hair health.


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