Blaq Luxury Hair Products is a female owned and operated beauty brand based out of Orlando, Florida. Our company was founded by CEO and Jamaican Native Cherice Williams. Our history and start up was far from peachy and was out of personal experiences, faith, luck and chances. Cherice migrated to the US in 2016, at the time she was a university student pursuing her bachelor’s degree in accounting at the University of the West Indies. Her dream job was to be become a Financial Analyst or possibly land an Accounting job on Wall Street. It was never in her thoughts or imagination that she would be operating a multi million dollar hair care and beauty brand.


Cherice’s own experience with dry and brittle hair lead to the birth and creation of Blaq Luxury Hair Products. She literally tried almost every store bought product that promoted healthy hair growth and moisture  only for it to not work or just work for a period of time then her hair would start drying out again. She then decided to make her own hair products and incorporated some of her own heritage and roots within the process by using indigenous plants and oils that were native to Jamaica. Through extensive research she developed her first and best selling product to date which she calls Mega Gro Hair Serum. She used it restored her edges and also other areas of her hair that were distressed while restoring moisture to her cuticles.



“It was never in my wildest thoughts to sell my hair products” she quoted. She made it for herself and it worked for her, but it was never in her belief that there were people with the same issues that needed a solution as well. After she made a few bottles for herself, she still had almost a gallon of ingredients still sitting in her living room. That’s when she purchased a few plastic bottles from Amazon and created her website. Her first sale came in after 3am on the 19th of January 2019 one week of launching the site. Someone bought one of the unlabeled growth oil. She carefully packaged the product  and included a note for usage. The same person upon receipt ordered another bottle, followed by two additional sales. Cherice realized that there could be a possible market for her product. She then started asking for free shout outs in exchange for products from small pages where she would pick up one or two sale or sometimes none.


At the time Cherice was working two jobs; as a waitress and as a retail store clerk. She contacted a blog site for promo when she realized how tedious it’s becoming trying to grow her brand through free shout outs. Based on their quote she started saving her tips from her job towards the promo. In two months she was “almost”ready to advertise with them, however she received disappointing news that by then the price had increased by an additional $500 which was out of her budget. Cherice took a leap of faith and gambled her rent which was the only “extra” money that she had to make up the additional cost. The ad was posted the following day and that’s when the brand evolved; from her living room to operating outside of her own warehouse 


Since inception Blaq Luxury Hair Products have garnered millions in sales and now armed with an array of over 20+ products which includes shampoo, conditioners, co washes, beard products, styling products etc. As Cherice’s vision continues to grow, so does Blaq Luxury Hair Products. Her goal is to continue to grow and expand the brand while helping as many to improve the health of their hair.